There are thousands of medical spas throughout the United States that offer a fantastic service but cannot reach their target audience. They have tried traditional marketing, Facebook advertising, social media stories and email marketing only to find their dollars are resulting in more patients walking into the door of their spa. If you are looking to increase the number of clients or guests coming to your medical spa, SEO and Google Search Marketing are the answer.

The value of Google from an advertising standpoint is the users are actively searching for a product. They are not browsing to see pictures of long lost cousins or to laugh at the latest political meme. Google searchers are searching for a medical spa and they are likely going to pick up the phone and call the medical spa that is ranking the highest. Some Google searches may call the first three or four medical spas just to get a feel for the service they would receive if they decided to visit that particular place of business.

When people are looking for the best Spa in Raleigh, they are going to Google it. They will read reviews and will potentially ask some of their friends or neighbors, but the first thing they will do is Google it. If your medical spa is not in the top 3 search results you are going to miss out on this business. While there are dozens of marketing agencies that claim they can rank your medical spa at the top of Google search, the only proof is to actually see your website in the #1 spot. We have successfully helped dozens of small to medium sized businesses expand with SEO and Google Search Marketing. Our team of SEO experts and Google Search Marketing experts can rank your website at the top of the search results.

If you are hoping to rank for the best massage, weight loss, cellulite treatment, laser resurfacing, and simply a relaxing environment for stressed out business professionals we can help. With our strategy, we see results in less than three months. All of our clients are very pleased to know that the backend work and proper optimization is showing results in the form of top rankings in Google search. You likely found this page because of a Google search in which we ranked at or near the top. Please understand that just because a website design company claims to be able to do SEO it does not mean they are going to be successful. Time and again we hear clients express displeasure and frustration because they pay for a “maintenance” SEO package and they get zero results.

Allow us to help you get the results you are looking for.