These days, almost everyone knows what Invisalign is. Therefore, there’s a good chance patients who would like to improve their smiles are searching for it online. Not only are they trying to learn more about the treatment and how it works, many of them are on the lookout for an orthodontist who offers it.

Since many orthodontists and dentists specialize in Invisalign, competition for these patients is fierce. Depending on where they live, they’re sure to find countless Invisalign providers. So how can you stand out and ensure they pick you over everyone else? Earning an Invisalign Diamond Plus designation is one way.

What is Invisalign Diamond Plus?

Invisalign providers are classified based on how many cases they complete each year. While a Gold provider completes at least 25 cases per year, a Platinum provider completes at least 60. Invisalign Diamond Plus is the top status that you can earn as an orthodontist. It requires that you complete 200 cases every 6 months or 400 per year.

When patient’s find an orthodontist with this honorable designation, they’re more likely to choose them over a Gold or Platinum provider. A Invisalign Diamond Plus status demonstrates that you have the experience and expertise necessary to do a great job. Only a small fraction of providers in the U.S. are considered Diamond Plus, making this the ideal way to market yourself and draw in new Invisalign patients.

How Marketing Can Help

In a perfect world, your practice would receive many calls from patients interested in Invisalign. The reality, however, is that it takes strategic marketing for this to happen. Once you invest in marketing, you’ll increase the number of patients you treat with Invisalign and increase your chances of earning the Diamond Plus designation.

It’s important to note that not all marketing initiatives are created equal. If you’d like to make the most out of your marketing dollars and get the greatest return on your investment, digital marketing is key. Most patients are searching online for Invisalign providers so it only makes sense that you have an excellent online presence.

Digital Marketing for Orthodontists

The greatest benefit of digital marketing is that you can target the exact type of patients you hope to attract. For example, if you’re an Invisalign provider in Miami, Florida, you can optimize your website for that exact keyword. If you do so well, patients searching for Invisalign in Miami will come to your site and potentially schedule a free consultation in your office.

Since digital marketing can be an overwhelming endeavor for orthodontists, GoMedia is here to help. We specialize in creating and executing top-notch digital marketing campaigns for orthodontists who want to get enough patients to reach Diamond Plus level. Your practice is unique so rest assured our campaign will be customized to your unique goals.

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