Gone are the days of seeing something on TV, quickly publishing a blog post, submitting to Google Webmaster Tools and getting immediate traffic. From 2006 through 2012, this was a very common tactic for bloggers looking to “go viral”. Going viral had nothing to do with TikTok, YouTube or Instagram Reels. In the last decade, most “Internet Marketers” have resorted to social media to get traffic. Unfortunately, this traffic is not nearly as valuable as Google Search traffic. As you have likely heard on Spotify podcasts over the last several months, people that search on Google have an intent to buy because they are actively searching. They are not passively watching a video or scrolling through a social feed. So, if you can’t get indexed immediately, like in the past, how long does it take to get a page or post indexed on Google in 2023?

Gone is Google Webmaster Tools. The replacement Google Search Console has not been nearly as efficient. There are many more tabs and options to view data, but submitting a page/post to be indexed by Google no longer means the spyders will immediately crawl, index and rank the page. In fact, we have learned that it can sometimes take several weeks and even a month for new websites to have pages indexed. What we have noticed most prominently is the more consistent a website is, the more quickly a page/post will get indexed. We call it feeding the straw cat. If you only put food out to feed a stray cat once a month, the cat is not going to come back often. If you put food out three (3) times a week, or, even better, every single night, the stray cat will show up consistently. The same is true of the Google spyders.

Note that we strongly suggest submitting any new page/post to Google Search Console to speed up the process. That said, millions of websites do not even have Google Search Console installed and they still get pages indexed rather quickly. If you are a small business, such as an orthodontist, and you publish one (1) or two (2) pages over several months, it may be the case that this content never gets indexed. This is what makes most marketing and advertising agencies ineffective when it comes to SEO. They may change up some metadata on the backend of the website, but they never publish new content to the site. This makes it extremely difficult to gain new traffic or rank for highly competitive keywords. If you truly want to outrank your competition, your advertising agencies needs to be working harder and doing more than your competitor’s agency. That is why GO Media has been so successful with not only Gladwell Orthodontics and RVOrthodontics, but with all of our clients.

If you publish several blog posts or pages a month, you will find that Google crawls, ranks and indexes the new content within a week or less. If you do not publish new content on a consistent basis, you have to hope that the stray cat gets desperate and comes back even when there is no food. This is highly unlikely, so contact GO Media today so we can help you get more traffic and get your pages/posts indexed in an efficient manner.