Over the last several years TikTok has distinguished itself as the most “viral” social network; especially on a local level. The TikTok algorithms are masterful in the way they provide only the best content on the For You Pages (FYP) when users login. After just a few hours on the app, it is almost as if TikTok knows exactly who we are and what we want to see. Many in the marketing and advertising world would argue that TikTok is light years ahead of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram when it comes to providing content individual users want to see.

If you are a small business in Raleigh, North Carolina and you want to grow your audience on social media, TikTok should be a strong consideration. While TikTok is not for every business, it can be a game changer when it comes to gaining popularity amongst the younger demographic. If you are an orthodontist, dentist, clothing retailer, restaurant owner, local gym owner or entertainment venue, you can likely grow an audience rather quickly if you know how to play the “TikTok” algorithm. Our team at GO Media has experience with the TikTok algorithm and can help you increase your exposure almost instantly.

Contact us today to get a better understanding of how our Raleigh, NC TikTok influencers can help you market your business. We work with some of the most popular TikTokers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest. Do not spend countless hours trying to figure out the TikTok algorithm yourself. Allow us to do it for you.