UPDATE: ChatGPT 4.0 is available for $20 a month and includes everything free ChatGPT offers including:

  • Access to GPT-4, our most capable model
  • Faster response speed
  • Access to beta features like browsing, plugins, and advanced data analysis


There are options to pay to have a ChatGPT image created for a cost as well. As time goes by, the older versions of ChatGPT will become free but anyone wanting to optimize or get business from ChatGPT through the form of SEO or other marketing will likely want the newest version that gives more recent data responses.

Now that more and more website owners and businesses are seeing a drop in search traffic due to ChatGPT, many want to know if there is a way to optimize ChatGPT through SEO or any other type of optimization process. The acronym might end up being AIO (Artificial Intelligence Optimization). Every day, more and more people are using ChatGPT to search how to questions or any type of information that is not time sensitive. It is important to note that ChatGPT 3.5, which is the free version for users, is only up to date to September 2021. Anything that happened after September 2021 is not going to populate in ChatGPT that is free.

There is a ChatGPT 4.0 option for paid users, but as with anything on the Internet, the large majority of people are not going to pay. So, if the data concludes at September 2021, what are ways in which Internet Marketers can optimize for ChatGPT? The best way to start is to see the answers that ChatGPT provides. As soon as the answer populates, those phrases, keywords and sentences should be part of the branding for that particular business. It will also lead to other long tail search keyword phrases that may be time sensitive such as “are there new X-Ray machines in September 2023?” We are going to see more and more searches with the month and date now that ChatGPT is so popular.

In conclusion, there isn’t a real way in which someone can optimize a business on ChatGPT. If you ask the AI ChatBot who the best orthodontist in an area is, it is going to give a very politically correct and generic response. That said, the response it gives will allow the smart local orthodontists to start branding using the terms and phrases that are generated by AI. In the long run, AI is going to make the smart even smarter. Contact GO Media so we can discuss your brand and how it can benefit from AI and SEO.

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