As we come into the final quarter of 2023 many business and website owners are reporting a drop in overall Google Search traffic. We have hypothesized that many longer search phrases are now being put into AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. While overall Google Search traffic may be down, leads, new patients and/or customers remain in an upward trend. What many business and website owners will likely notice in the next six (6) to nine (9) months is their Google Search traffic converts at an even higher rate than before ChatGPT was launched.

For over two decades Google has known they have a cash cow with Google Search. It is the most effective and trackable marketing option in the history of modern media. The company is so successful they can use the profits of Google Search ads to fund a project to fly a rocket to the moon. Almost every single Google product not named Google Search has been funded by Google Search. If AI does, in fact, start to take traffic from websites we are going to find that their conversion rate(s) will start to skyrocket. Google has always had “intent to buy” searches, but now almost all Google traffic will be for a specific service or product.

Rather than being left behind your competitors or the other tech guys that understand AI and SEO, it is best to get ahead of the competition by increasing the bottom line of a business. We have put a strong emphasis on Google Search for clients that can increase their bottom line with Internet Search traffic. If you have a business that is looking to grow by ranking at the top of Google search, contact us today. We can do a full analysis of your business and determine how to rank your website at the top for keywords that will make you more money.

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